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Jogi Sanjha Chulha

Indian | Chinese | Thai

Jogi Sanjha Chulha is the culmination of that long and invaluable process; years of research that has created a unique bouquet of flavours as you embark on a delicious culinary journey to experience unique ingredients sourced from across India.

An experimental interpretation of Indian ingredients and flavours. Enjoy a fresh new take on Indian Food, a taste that is quite like no other.



Re-discover India through an explosion of flavor. Sample small plates or indulge in large ones, from an eclectic selection of ingredients and pairings that infuse the familiar with the unexpected. Satisfy those cravings for good conversation and great food, through an exciting adventure that serves up the very best of Indian ingredients and dishes for the armchair traveller.

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Featured Delicacies

Fresh From the Tandoor

All Meats are Halal and sourced locally.

Farmer’s Butter Chicken


Old Delhi style chicken tikka with fresh fenugreek, ginger, & cardamom flavoured – velvety tomatoes & onion masala

naan, butter chicken, indian food

Thai Red Curry


Made with red curry paste, coconut milk, sliced bamboo shoots, peppers, basil leaves and fine bean in choice of veg or meat

duck breast, duck, vegetables

Black Bean Sauce


Fermented black beans flavoured with ginger garlic, Shaoxing wine and malt vinegar

Parda Gosht


Rajasthani special 24hrs marinated lamb cubes seared in a caramelized onion, potatoes and yoghurt and nuts.

Singapore Rice Noodles


Vermicelli noodles stir-fried in garlic and chilli paste along with chef special seasoning with choice of vegetables or chicken or prawns

thai food, rice noodles, food

Chow Mein


A Chinese dish of fried noodles with stir fried vegetables and choice of veg or meat.

chicken chowmein, noodles, chinese

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