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Keeping our customers’ choice and satisfaction in mind, all our dishes are prepared to perfection by some of the most skilled chefs in the industry, and served with care and dedication to quality. All ingredients used in our dishes are of superior quality, sourced from the best vendors. At Jogi Sanjha Chulha, we not only provide a range of Multi cuisines, but also attach great value for money, offering nutritious and affordable options.

Our Takeaway.

Serving best Multi-Cuisine Food in Dublin, Ireland

Our menu is designed by specialty cooks with years of experience working in major restaurants. We assure you an authentic and memorable Multi-Cuisine culinary experience as our chefs have mastered the classic cooking styles.

A Few Words About Us

Serving best Multi-Cuisine Food in Dublin, Ireland

Chef Joginder Singh

Growing up in his hometown in India, in a joint family setup, Chef Joginder was interested in nothing else but watching the ladies of the house get together all the items needed for the day’s meals and his grandmother getting them all organised together to come up with mouth-watering dishes every single meal. The way she handled the kitchen impressed him and the flavours of the food she cooked lingered on forever in his mind. Soon, he was part of the home kitchen brigade, assisting his grandmother and learning from her. Nothing else seemed to give him the satisfaction than cooking a wonderful dish and watch his family savour it in bliss. His journey as a Chef had already begun right at home.

Chef Jogi (as he is fondly called) started his professional culinary journey with the Oberoi Hotels in Mumbai, India in 1987. Catering to banquets helped him learn the sheer vastness of Indian cuisine and gave him an opportunity to better his knowledge and hand at them. He moved to Africa in 2002 and started serving Indian food in a fine dining style at Dar-e-Salaam in New Africa Hotel. In 2005, he moved to Jaipur Group and honed his skills better at Indian fine dining. 2015 he took over the operations of Kerala Kitchen, Dublin as Executive Chef. Since 2018, he started off with his own restaurant chain in Ireland under the name of Spice Village Restaurants and operates two award-winning restaurants at Blessington and Terenure.

Chef Joginder Singh has carved as name for himself in the Ireland food and restaurant industry. He has been awarded the Best Chef Award and his restaurant has won the title of Best Street-Food Restaurant. In spite of the laurels achieved, when asked Chef Jogi says, “ I have just started my culinary journey. There is much more to learn and more to deliver”.

Our Food Policy

We believe the inherent value of food is best expressed through sharing it with friends and loved ones, and we are constantly adapting, evolving and innovating to achieve that goal. We pay the utmost respect to all our superb ingredients, from both land and sea, and to all the people, the fishermen, the farmers, the growers, foragers, producers and many more, who work so hard to deliver it to our restaurant.

Our Core Values

We believe in true hospitality. We want our guests to have an experience that is welcoming and warm, with excellent service, a comfortable environment and details that show that we care. Quality is more important than flash–sincerity and graciousness trump gimmicks and contrivance. These values carry through a range of experiences, whether a guest is picking up an Indian, Chinese or Thai dish.

Renowned Chefs

Meet The Taste Experts

Chef Joginder Singh
Chef Joginder Singh has carved as name for himself in the Ireland food and restaurant industry. He has been awarded the Best Chef Award and his restaurant has won the title of Best Street-Food Restaurant.

Chef Avtar Singh Rana
A Culinary Specialist, a talented and passionate professional with a firm belief in customizing menus to each diner’s palate. Chef Rana has vast experience in using seasonal and organic ingredients featuring in contemporary International and regional cuisines.

Joginder Singh

Founder / Head Chef

Emmanuel Thengumpillil


Avtar Singh Rana

Lead Chef

Rocky Singh


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